When Nature Calls… Do It In Luxury

It’s happening.Your favourite act is about to come on stage but you’re one too many pints deep and your bladder is starting to swell. The festival toilet horror stories and flashbacks start to run through your mind and you’re desperate to hold it in, but you know deep down that you’re going to have to brave the stench.We’ve all been there. Luckily, In It Together have provided a solution to your portaloo fear…For just £99, you and your mates can secure yourselves your very own toilet at the festival. Each toilet will have an individual code only you’ll know, there’ll never be a queue and there’ll always be loo roll. Not to mention you won’t have to hold your breath like an Olympic swimmer!The scheme works out to just £5 per-day per-head and is available here under the ‘Add-Ons’ section. Secure yours now to avoid disappointment!