Campfire Social
In It Together Festival

Campfire Social

Alt-pop/indie for your health
“A bunch of emos at the beach”
[Campfire Social]
“All hail the new Broken Social Scene.”
[Drowned in Sound]
“If the shadows and monsters are getting to you, Campfire Social are a sanctuary of warmest humanity and crackling, luminous melancholy. The kind of melancholy that makes the heart flutter and take flight. Come and sit next to them. There’s plenty of room for everyone”
[Adam Walton – BBC Radio Wales]
“Soaring vocals, woozy harmonies and dancey pop beats.”
[Little Indie Blog]
“It feels good to welcome Campfire Social to the new music scene, a band we envisage we will be writing about again.”
[Drunk on Music]
“One of the brightest lights on MIMR this year have been the delightful sounds of indie pop 5 piece Campfire Social.”
“Campfire Social are a band who are just waiting to be discovered and embraced by all. Yes, you may argue that the word ‘fact’ should be changed to ‘opinion’, however if I am wrong on this then you will all have missed out on something very special indeed.”
[A Musical Priority]
“All the feels!”
[Fringe Culture Blog]